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I have a SP setup for "House", currently it is on TNT (or some other network other than Fox)....it is recording fine, why aren't the new season's episodes showing up on the todo list for the season premiere?

I thought SP would record the show no matter what channel its on.

p.s. i have the option set to only reocrd 1st showings no repeats.


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usnret said:
When does the new Fall season start?? Is it after Sept. 19th??
Mid-September, depending on what show(s) you like to watch.

e.g., Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader premieres this Thur., while Prison Break, Back to You, and Survivor premiere 9/17-20.

Most other programs premiere the week of 9/23, with others the week after that, and others yet the week after that. Some programs won't be premiering until Oct.

Check out the following link on The Futon Critic for fall schedules and premiere dates:

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