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I've posted similar questions in the S3 thread, but I think I'll take a different approach in this thread. Can someone (with a Tivo HD) check their diagnostics screen and tell me what they have for a signal strength for Tuner 1 & 2?

My THD says 0 in both cases (even if I can see all the channels), the problem persist that these channels eventually go away and Tivo says no signal. I have switched my S3 with the HD and the S3 doesn't have this problem. The S3 says 93% signal in both cases. Up until the 9.1 update, only a few channels would get this message, but since then I will lose all channels, even the HD channels.

What is really weird is that in every case a reboot brings them back, but since 9.1 they only come back for 1-2 hours. My setup is Time Warner, SA cable cards.

Thanks for any help, I plan to call Tivo Tech support this weekend.
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