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I'm sure this is not an uncommon story these days. Former TiVo user for a long time, stopped a few years ago when I dumped my cable service for streaming live TV options. Recently dusted off an old Tivo Premiere 4 that I had a lifetime sub on and it's still in good working condition.

Anyway, I hooked an antenna up to it and TiVo seems to populate every channel I could conceivably get at my location based on antenna strength.

So after completing the channel scan, I decided to go through each channel one-by-one using the Signal Strength Meter function to basically see what I'm getting a signal on and what I'm not getting a signal on and what I'm noticing is there are a lot of channels where I'm getting a very clear, very high 'Digital Signal Acquired' reading from the antenna, but there's no video.

Anyone know what would cause this? Is this some sort of false reading for that specific channel being caused by some other interference or broadcast signal?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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