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Sigh.... Autorecording wishlists still not autorecording in 6.3e

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I've posted about this issue before. I was hoping 6.3e would fix, but no.

This is easy to recreate, and yes I've deleted it, rebooted, and re-added it, moved it to #1 on the season pass list, no luck, so let's not go there.

The problem is this:

I enter in a keyword (my team's name) when creating a wishlist, then specify the Sports category and Football as the subcategory.

I then can see that there are upcoming programs, and these are indeed the programs that I want. This tells me I'm using good keywords. I then set it to autorecord, and... and... NADA. Nothing ever shows up on the To-Do list or on the Recording History. None of the shows in the upcoming programs are ever selected.

Now, it didn't used to be this way, this used to work perfectly a few years ago, and it's gotten to be totally useless since then.

What's up with this? Tivo people, are you out there? Where do I file a bug report?
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Have you made any changes to your own software since it last worked? My stock unit is all up to date on updates and has never had any problem with what you describe.

I don't think that it's a general bug in the software of any kind since I don't recall anyone else ever complaining of it here.
Nope - it's not a hacked unit in any way and it's fully up to date.
These may same like silly questions, but sometimes it's easy to overlook something obvious:

1. Are you sure the games are on channels you actually receive? If you have everything checked off in "Channels I Receive", you may be seeing stuff on the College Football package that you don't get.

2. If you set up a WishList and then click "view upcoming episodes", you say you see the programs in the list? Or are you doing a search for programs?

Which team is this? Perhaps someone can try to replicate this for you on their system....
1. Yes, these are channels I receive.

2. Yes, I see the programs in the list when I "view upcoming episodes." None are selected (have the check-mark). I have to manually tell it to record the episode.

Now, one thing that I've found is that if I select "All, including duplicates" (which I don't want, let's be clear here), it will work, all episodes will be selected and then show up in the to-do list.

The keyword I'm using is "Wisconsin" Category Sports, Subcategory Football.

Again, this used to work just fine a few years ago. Now I have to check up on it every week to see if it's doing the right thing, and to me that's very un-Tivo-like. I've had Tivo for quite a few years now, back to Series 1 on analog cable.
Here is how I have gotten live sports to record...using football as part of the catagory hasn't always worked for me.

1. Create a wishlist by keyword with your team name and the word AT.


Badgers AT or
Wisconsin Badgers AT

2. Use category SHOW TYPES and set it to LIVE.

3. When you set it up for AUTORECORD make sure Show Type is set to "Repeats & First Run" If you set this as only First Run it won't work! Don't worry about REPEATS because the show types LIVE is what it goes by.

I have done this for the past 5 years (use it for football, baseball, basketball, hockey) and it works 99% of the time. Can't remember the last time it didn't as long as the guide is updated with the correct information.

If it doesn't work then try in step one using "quotes" around the different words

Example "Wisconsin Badgers" "at"
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Thanks - I'll give that a whirl!

This SHOULD work, it HAS worked.... Grrrrr....

Did a bit more troubleshooting. I looked at some of my old posts on this topic (click on my username, then there's an option to see more posts by me, I've complained about this before).

Since I was getting the "This won't be recorded since there are 2 episodes within 28 days" message, I decided to knock my received channels down quite a bit, as I suspected that the fact that some games get shown on multiple channels at the same time confuses it.

Well, no luck with that approach. I will say that *eventually* the programs will show up in the recording history but it can take a few minutes. There was one game that had only 1 showing on 1 channel, and for that it decided "someone has removed this recording from the season pass." Yeah, that infamous message.

I tried with some other sports teams just to re-create this, and same thing there. Tivo just can't figure out how to move something into the record list once it finds it for some reason.
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dtvtivouser_9292 said:
None are selected (have the check-mark

The keyword I'm using is "Wisconsin" Category Sports, Subcategory Football.
WishList recordings have a blue star, not a checkmark.

I just set this up, but used a Title WishList, not a Keyword WishList....picked up 2 episodes to record (Repeats & First Run), and the 3rd was a dupe.

As suggested you could try the "Wisconsin at" WL, but you'll also need a "at WIsconsin" WL.

The suggestions to use Show Types/Live is a good one ... I used this instead of Sports/Football and it correctly picked up 2 events (although 1 was Wisconsin women's soccer)
Grecorj -

The checkmark I was referring to is the one within the Wishlist area when you select "view upcoming programs." You'll get the blue star in the "Now Playing" area.

I have made the wishlist as Markman07 suggested and it's working great! Thanks!

So, I now have a workaround by using the "Live" method, but it's a damn shame that there's a bug in the method that should work, and has worked in the past. Dunno if it's guide data or a software change, but in either case I would hope Tivo would fix the issue.
dtvtivouser_9292 said:
Grecorj -

The checkmark I was referring to is the one within the Wishlist area when you select "view upcoming programs." You'll get the blue star in the "Now Playing" area.
Glad you found a WL method that works. But as I posted, the WL you described worked for me. That's not to say the guide data can't be funky, but I don't know that it indicates it is a result of the latest SW upgrade.

Not to quibble, but WL programs that will be recorded are indicated by a "blue star" (actually a white star in a blue circle), both in the To Do List and View Upcoming Episodes/Programs. Single recordings will have a single check; season passes have a double check.

Individual programs in Now Playing either have nothing next to them (recorded w/in last day); a TiVo guy (Suggeston); a green dot (keep until I delete); a yellow dot (may be deleted in 1 days); or a yellow dot with an exclamation point (may be deleted to make room). Folders are either plain, blue w/white star (WishList) or green thumbs up (Suggestions).
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I know it's nothing to do with the latest SW upgrade - this problem has been around for about 2 years now. I specifically let 6.3e become active on my Tivos (I have 2) since it was supposed to have fixes for this sort of thing.

Actually, all I can see now that's different is a trademark symbol.

Let me stress once again that this method used to work JUST FINE (say, 2+ years ago) and over time it's just gotten to the point where it doesn't work. Could be the channels I get, I dunno, but it doesn't work anymore and it should.

In the WL list of programs, I think I had already lost patience and selected the games to record manually. When it works right, it should show the star, you're correct.

I'm "this close" to creating a YouTube video to show people what this bug looks like.
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