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I'm wondering if there's any way to stream Showtime.com to my Bolt. Probably not but I had to ask. I can get it through Amazon but I need to have both Amazon Prime ($12.99/mo.) and then subscribe to Showtime through Amazon ($10.99/mo). $24/mo. is too steep. I believe I can get it through my cable company (Spectrum) for $15/mo.

When I did get it in the past through Amazon Prime their app was pathetic with regard to support for Fast Forwarding.

Thanks for any help.

If you're a Hulu subscriber, you can add Showtime to your Hulu subscription for $11/mo (which is the same price that it costs to get Showtime as a standalone service through the Showtime app). Maybe the outdated Hulu app on the Bolt supports the Showtime add-on (which Hulu began offering way back in summer 2015)? I'm not sure, although I know that it does not support Hulu's newer add-ons for HBO, Starz and live cable TV.

At any rate, outside of add-ons to Amazon Prime Video, or possibly Hulu, there's no way to stream Showtime on a TiVo. The actual Showtime app itself is not available on TiVo.

I noticed that Roku is giving away a free one-month subscription to Showtime (in the Showtime app) when you buy one of their devices. They start at $30 for an HD stick and $40 for a 4K stick. That's going to be your cheapest route.

Just started the new season of Ray Donovan, one of my favorite series. New miniseries Escape at Dannemora later this month looks good too. Final season of Homeland should be coming this winter.
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