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Shows Your Still Behind On...

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Just a survey to see what shows people still are behind on/have backed up on their TiVo...

Mine are: Pretty much this past season of Lost,30 Rock, half the past seasons of Ugly Betty, L&O, L&O SVU, My Name is Earl, Without a Trace, and Supernatural.

I really need to get a new TiVo just for storage space alone....
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The entire first/last season of The Riches :D Haven't watched one ep yet, but have the whole thing :D
Your still behind on?

I know what shows I'm behind on, but I don't know what YOU ARE ( You're ) behind on.... ;)
BSG, but I'm actually catching up on that right now.

Until last weekend, I was behind on Smallville too about 1/2 season, but I'm up to date again.
FNL,Heroes,Brothers and Sisters(the first season).
Two episodes (still) of The Tudors in the can, haven't watched them yet (from first season of same, ended months ago now).
Three episodes of House with one about to roll off my DVR.
Nuked without watching 30 Rock, and The Office (I have the first 2 seasons on DVD haven't watched any of the U.S. version since I so thoroughly enjoyed the U.K. version and didn't want to deal with the comparison of the two shows that I know I would make).
Two episodes of The Closer, maybe three.

I'm up-to-date on most everything else and hope to get through more of the backlog tonite (momentarily).

With baseball season finally over, and less live sports programming that I want to see going on at night, I have more time to watch stuff so having a few things in the can is a good idea.
I've still got the entire first season of Heroes on one box ... one of these days I will "catch up."
I haven't been able to bring myself to watch Journeyman yet, and I have last week's Daily Show episodes on there still. That's about it.
windracer said:
I've still got the entire first season of Heroes on one box ... one of these days I will "catch up."
Heroes is well worth catching up on. Once you get started, you'll probably go through several episodes in a sitting.
I just finished the last season of Gilmore Girls. I just couldn't bring myself to watch it until now. We finished the entire last season :( in a week.
We are 2 seasons behind on Lost. We were behind on Prison Break but we just decided to give up on it and deleted them.
About Prison Break.....good choice giving up on it...I stayed till the end of the 2nd season and think it should've ended there. Its clear the writers were forced to take at most a 2 season idea and try to stretch it way beyond its breaking point.
I thought I was behind on a few things. But, I'm not nearly as far behind as some others have mentioned.
I have the last 5 Jericho's from last year, waiting to see if CBS actually brings it back before I commit.

Just finished The Tudor's from whenever it aired,
deleted the last 5 Studio 60's figuring I'd never find time to watch now that the new season of shows has started.

Not admitting I watch Desperate Housewives, but I have the last 2 from last season to finish up so I can start in on this season.

Couple of cable series have 2-5 episodes still in my NP list
(can't remember the names of them, oh ya, Greek is one)

Only new season shows I'm caught up on are Chuck and Reaper, have the premieres or 2nd episodes of the rest still to watch.

Most of the returning shows are still sitting there waiting, Heroes is the only returner I'm caught up on.

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We have to watch all of season 2 of Prison Break (plus whatever has aired of season 3). We have 8 episodes (7 1 hour episodes and the 2 hour finale) to watch of the last season of 24.

I have five episodes of Firefly that I'm watching for the first time from UHD.

One of these days I'll watch Heroes, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The Office. I have them to watch, but haven't actually watched any.
I've only watched the first 3 episodes of Jake 2.0.
For the original run, I recorded every episode, but only watched the first two before I decided it was low priority and I deleted everything to make room for "better" shows. Scifi channel aired the entire one season series back in January of this year and I've only watched the first three episodes, but they are all there waiting for me at the bottom of the NPL on my 500GB S2 and I will watch them.

I also have the entire run of "Pepper Dennis" on another Tivo. I've only watched one episode and I'm doubting that I'll ever watch any more. I should just delete it all now.
- the last 11 Battlestar Galactica (a month ago, it was 20+ eps)
- last season's The Shield
- last season's Rescue Me
- last season of Rome
- any of my season passes from last week because of a bad week at work
I'm caught up with new shows but from the summer I still have:

- final ep of Psyche
- final 2 of The Closer
- final 2 of Burn Notice
- all 3 of The Company

I've got to burn them off soon...
The only one that I care to catch up on is Heroes. I'm up to the 6 month flashback episode.
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