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Inspired by the shows that you wish were still on thread, I'm curious if there are shows that you used to watch and love but have stopped.

For me, the following shows could go off the air tomorrow and I wouldn't care:

American Idol

I'm sure there are more but I can't think of them now.

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'House'. I won't be watching next season. This past season just turned me off. The whole House/Cuddy relationship stuff just was boring. House's downward spiral was just not interesting.

I just don't care about the characters anymore.

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Grey's Anatomy....It took me a season and a half until I realized that I wasn't the core audience for that show. The first few episodes seemed like it could be a decent medical drama, but it moved into soap opera territory fairly quickly.

Another is The Apprentice. The first 2 years I enjoyed it, but then each week became an ad for some product or another. Eventually it became an ad for products AND for the Donald. And I had no desire to see D list celebrities make fools of themselves.

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We were diehard CSI (original/Miami) fans for quite a while, but after a while it got old and we just quit watching cold turkey.

Gave up on Survivor several years ago...it was amusing/fun to watch for maybe the first4-5 seasons, but after that it got old fast.

Same for Idol...fun for the first 2-3 seasons, but then spiraled downward and hasn't stopped spiraling it seems.

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Middle of the past season of Chuck episodes kept piling up and I never watched it. I eventually just deleted the season pass.

Same happened to Heroes. I think I made it to close to the end of the second season.

BSG I made it all the way through but I probably would have stopped after 2.5 if I had known, I was just pushing towards the end at that point.

I haven't watched HIMYM since they came back from winter break. I've just become not interested, which is different than flat out hating a show (heroes)

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Amazing Race. At one point it was my favourite show on television. But after a few seasons I just got tired of it. Ive always wished their were more clues that had to be figured out. Then go here. Go there.

It's so tightly controlled to keep the groups together(for logistical reasons).

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Haven't watched Glee at all this year and have seen maybe two episodes of House.
I'll be with Idol until the bitter end, which hopefully will be any time now.
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