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I posted this in another thread referring to last Wednesday night referring to my D* HD Tivo.

"I had something very similar happen to me last night, but with FOX West Americian IDOL Directv broadcast and Smallville on WB OTA.

Each show recorded about 26 minutes of the hour, then there was another Now Playing choice for the 2nd half. So my Now Playing list showed 2 American Idols and 2 Smallvilles.
The first half of Americian Idol had bad picture quality. It seemed to skip in time and had picture break ups. When I went to the 2nd half, it was much better quality. Haven't watched Smalleville yet to see if it works out the same.
It's almost like the quality got so bad, the Tivo stopped recording both shows and then started again.
I receive my OTA from Sacramento (Walnut Grove)"

Since then, I watched Smallville and it had the same problem as AI. First segment of 26 minutes had breakups and actual time lapses. I didn't have any kind of power outage.
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