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Shows Don't Transfer

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I have 3 series 2 Tivos, which I have used extensively for MRV and TivoToGo and TivoToGoBack. I recently bought a new Tivo HD. Rather than activate it with a monthly plan, I transferred the plan from one of my other Series 2 tivos, following the instructions here:


Before I transferred the plan from my series 2 tivo, I was careful to do the latest software update, and then connect to the tivo service, so I had the most guide data as possible. Then, I told my router to block that tivo's access to the internet. The idea was that this tivo wouldn't connect to the tivo service again, and thus wouldn't know that it didn't have a service plan. (I only want to use it for transferring shows until I can transfer shows with my new Tivo HD).

The plan has been successfully transferred to my new Tivo HD. But for some reason I can't do MRV or TivoToGo with my old Series 2 (which still thinks it has service). When I try, all my tivos act like it is going to work. Then I get errors. When I select "watch on this tv" (transferring FROM the old Series 2) I get the following error message:

"There was a problem transferring the requested program to this DVR. To view which programs won't be transferred and why, go to TiVo Central and select "Pick Programs to Record"-"To Do List"-"View Recording History".

When I do that, it says "Program was not transferred onto this DVR, because the Program was recorded in an unknown format"

Any ideas? If my old series 2 Tivo can't connect to the internet, and thus doesn't know that it no longer has service, why wouldn't I be able to transfer shows from it?

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If it updated to 9.1, then all TiVos need to be on 9.1 for MRV to work.
They both should be on 9.1 now. When I forced a connection on the one that no longer has service (but thinks it does), it upgraded, and restarted. Then, when I woke up this morning, my other Tivo had upgraded during the night. Do I maybe need to do another restart?

My Tivo Desktop doesn't pull shows from it either, and I noticed that my Tivo Desktop is up to date.
Did the format of the shows actually change with the 9.1 software update, so that shows recorded before the update won't transfer because the format is different?
I have a scad of shows that I converted from .avi to .mpg, been doing it for years, and after the service update last night, they will transfer, but there is no video, just audio.

Is tivo using a new codec or something?
I double checked to make sure that my Tivos have upgraded to 9.1. Even though they have both upgraded, shows will not transfer between them.

Interestingly, if I log onto the tivo that is isolated from the internet using my web browser, I can browse all the files and transfer them to my PC. It is just my other Tivo that can't transfer.

Apparently other people are having this problem. Any ideas?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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