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Will you watch Prison Break?

  • I will be watching.

    Votes: 85 59.0%
  • I will not be watching.

    Votes: 50 34.7%
  • I will watch, come here and complain, then watch again.

    Votes: 9 6.3%
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I'll be TiVo'ing, but most likely not watching for at least a week, if not more.

Still have a bit of catching up on other shows from last season before I jump into the current one.
(8 Tudors, 10 Studio 60's, 5 Kill Point's, all 6 hours of The Company, 5 Jericho's and more I can't remember)

This will give some time for the Networks to cancel everything before I get emotionally involved in a program.


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I voted I'll watch, then come here and complain, but in truth I probably won't waste all of your time by whining about my problems with the show - other members here are so much better at it than I am already, why bother? :)

My big excuse for watching shows like this is that I record a number of shows that I pretty much only watch while I'm exercising. I get to spend time with a number of sub par shows via this excuse, which works out pretty well. Want to watch the bald dude on Future Weapons blow some stuff up? Better get on the bike, lard butt! :D
For good or for bad, Prison Break has fallen into that category for me. I thought last year was o.k. up until everyone was in jail again. I'll give it at least a few episodes this year to hook me again.

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ok....that's out of the way.....

Hell yeah I'll be watchin'!!!!!!!!!
1 - 20 of 32 Posts
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