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Should TiVo stop or increase the ads?

  • Stop the ads

    Votes: 26 25.7%
  • Increase the ads

    Votes: 41 40.6%
  • Keep the ads as is

    Votes: 34 33.7%
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I think they should increase the ads.

This will result in increased revenue for the TiVo Community Forums, as TCF will experience an influx of new users starting an average of 10.274 threads per day on the subject. More users = more TCF exposure = more product revenue.

Secondarily, the increased number of threads will result in the creation of a new TCF forum called "TiVo Advertising", where these threads can be contained in their own special section that no one has to see or read unless they want to.

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I voted to increase the ads but they need to figure out a way to leverage the income recieved by that in such a way to make the service cheaper. They need more subscribers but in order to do that they need more advertising dollars to help ofset the cost of monthly service.


For the Super Bowl they should have an ad campain for the highest bidder that will allow them to take advantage of their new delete, keep, or watch an ad program. Then they should use some percentage of that money to allocate toward monthly service savings.

If you have Lifetime service then you should get 5000 rewards points per year (or something like that) to get more Tivo gear.

· what ru lookin at?
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I voted keep as is.
For now.

I agree that Tivo needs to try and get the networks to initiate the "press thumbs up to record" icon more often when a commercial for a show is on.
So far, FOX is the only network I recall seeing these.

Also, Tivo needs to get more of those "click on" ads you see on the keep/delete screens when you finish watching a recorded show.

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Curtis said:
I think TiVo should advertise more. They should emphasize how they are better than the generics.
Obviously at least one misunderstands. The poll is not whether TiVo should buy more advertising to push their product. The ads we are talking about here are things like the existing "star" ads, ads on the delete screen, "Push Thumbs Up For more information" ads, pop-up ads, etc.

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MickeS said:
I think they should use the "thumbs up during ads/previews" more. That's the least intrusive method, and I used it often. I'm bummed that they seemed to have dropped that ad aspect completely.
+1 :up:
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