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Should I upgrade to TivoHD?

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I have a Series 2 connected to my home network with Galleon. I realize the picture quality will be better on my HD TV with a Series 3.

Question 1: Will have I same network capabilities as my Series 2? (downloading show to PC, etc)

Question 2: Upgrading the Series 3 hard drive to be bigger drive, is it as easy as changing it in the Series 2?

Tivo is offering a free lifetime upgrade for existing users, is it worth the upgrade?
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1: Eventually (beginning November sometime), within limits (only non copy protected digital will be permitted to leave the TiVo, only TiVo originated HD will be allowed back in (to begin with).

2: AFAIK, upgrading the drive is almost as easy, just that it is SATA and has a couple different rules than IDE (PATA).

If your source is cable and/or OTA, then the upgrade is worth it.
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