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I've had our Tivo 2 for three years and my wife and I love the flexibility that it gives us. I also use TIVO to Go, TivoCast and we play our music through the TIVO. We love TIVO!!!

I have actually delayed our transition to a big screen TV and HD because of TIVO. I was disappointed when the S3 came out because it was too expensive and the feature set was crippled (no TIVO to Go). This winter I'll finally make the plunge to a large plasma or LCD HD TV. I have a couple of questions about this plunge.

If I get an S3 and want to use the dual tuner capability does the new TV that I'll buy need to have two cable card slots?

I'm a Comcast user and from reading the threads on this forum believe that at some time during the next year or two Comcast will offer an HD turner with full Tivo functionality. Is this true? If so, does it make sense to buy the S3?

Are there any other issues that I should consider? The HD TV, HD DVR and probable HD DVD will be a large expenditure for me and I'd like to get it right.


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