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should i get another TiVo?

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i don't know if i should try to add another HD to the TiVo or save me the trouble and just buy another unit.

i have a DVR from DirecTV and i think it records up to 40 hours only and i'm thinking that since these DVRs are somewhat cheap on eBay, i might just buy another one. or, someone told me i can buy another TiVo DVR from like Best Buy for free basically because of the rebate so i'm thinking that could be the best option for me (although i don't know if the DVR rebate is still around).

or, as a last resort, i *could* try adding another hard drive in there (although i've never done it before and i'm scared that i might mess it up and i'm gonna have to buy a new unit... and then another one as the second unit :/)

help? suggestions?

thanks, guys!
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I won't buy another unit just to have more recording space.

Instead of adding a 2nd drive, just remove the one that's in there and put in a much larger one.
the underground forum here can guide you on the steps involved in a directTiVo hard drive upgrade. It is really not so bad and you can add some cool features.

you can also check out some of the forum sponsors as they will sell you an already done hard drive in various sizes. all you have to do is swap out the drives themselves, which is truly easy to do. That way you have a warranty behind it.

adding another unit can also be good but you can not out of the box copy files between them so have to deal with where you want shows to be
If you're not running into scheduling conflicts and aren't interested in the multi-room viewing option, then a capacity upgrade is a good option. It's fairly simple provided you're comfortable opening up a PC and can follow well-written directions. It helps to have a secondary PC to troubleshoot/research with if any aspect of the upgrade goes awry.
where can i find these "forum sponsored" hard drives? thanks!
Top of this very page. The banners for PTVUpgrade and Weaknees. I know 9th Tee sells TiVo accessories, but I not sure if they sell upgraded drives. You can check to be sure.
I was going to say that the answer to that question is always "hellz yeah!" but I would go for an upgrade in your situation. Of course, I would also say that any TV in your house that doesn't have a TiVo is a sad shell of what it could be.
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