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It's getting to the point where I'd rather be shopping for shoes -- or bras.

That ought to give the girls a clue to just how POed I am at some of the websites I've visited.

I have a simple task. I need a new video recorder because the Olympics are coming up. I can go the cheap route and replace my dying VCR with another VCR, or I can get a DVD recorder.

(obligatory disclaimer: yes, I'd love a third TiVo, but given the amount of programming NBC and its sister networks are threatening to do, even a 300-hour Humax would be kind of small, and they've fixed it so we can't edit out just the segment with the sports we want to keep, so -- not practical for right now)

So I search for "DVD recorder" and some places return all sorts of lame-o results that include televisions (did I ask for TVs? No) simply because the desricption of the TV has "DVD" somewhere in it.

Just . show . me . the . friggin' . recorders.

I don't want players
I don't want TVs
I don't want media (yet)
I just want to see what DVD recorders you carry. That's all.

And then there are the compare widgets.

If I go to a manufacturer's website, why can't I automatically read a chart that compares all the features of their entire product line? Why must I go through and look at the items one by one and click the little boxes and generate the thing?


Looking at the VCRs, I see that once again, my older equipment had more features that the newer dumber VCRs won't have. Computers, software -- there I have feature bloat and I have to take all this crap I don't want, but the place where I want more features, NOOOOOOOOOO, I have fewer.

Then we turn to recordable DVDs.

Format wars. Dual-layer vs. Single layer. Blu-Ray.


And the media. Who makes it? No, not what brand -- who makes it really? But is it really from those people, or is it fake?


Then there's fun with Froogle. If you forget to tell it not to show you eBay, you get all sorts of results from that -- mostly from people selling units at FAR above street price.

Buying toys should be easier than this. How do you guys decide what to buy without having your brains explode?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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