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If you're just looking to watch video tapes and not make tapes off the TiVo, then you can do one of two things-

Use the antenna cable feeding directly into the TV. Have it feed into the VCR instead, and then feed the VCR into the TV's antenna input. Shutting the VCR down should allow the signal to just pass thru into the TV, without worrying about what channel the VCR is set to.

Get an A/V switchbox that will allow you to feed more than one device into your TV's one set of A/V inputs. (I'll find a webpage of an example and get back to you...)

If you're using a 3-way splitter, where does the third line go? One's feeding the TiVo, one's currently going to the TV, and the third is going.....where?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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