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Setup Frozen. Turn Off ->Turn On -> Tivo doesnt respond.

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Here's the scenario:
My Tivo Series 2 was skipping from channel to channel and acting strange.

I decided to Reset the Tivo....
At the point it asked for my ZipCode, I entered it, then the Tivo froze. No remote buttons work at this point.

Note: Did not finish Set-Up successfully.

I turn the Tivo Off and unplug the phone line, wait 5 minutes.
I turn the Tivo On and plug-in the phone line.

Tivo is up, residing on a channel.
But nothing works on the remote. Pressing the Tivo button does nothing.
The Tivo light on the box is Yellow, so I know the remote is working.

Please help me!
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Unplug the unit all together again and start fresh.

Sounds like you hard drive may be failing.
How long ago did you purchase it? Did you purchase it from a retail store? If yes, and it was less than 30 days I would take it back and exchange it for a new unit.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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