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I have a Motorola DCT-2000 cable box and SA Series 2. In order to watch a live program while one is recording, I have split the cable:
Split 1: to the cable box > TiVo
Split 2: directly to the TV

My problem is that I must be on the hairy edge with signal strength, as I'm now getting some screen garbage, pixelation, and slight signal interuption. In researching the cable box, I came across the RF Bypass setting.

http://broadband.motorola.com/consumers/products/DCT2000/downloads/DCT2000_User_Guide.pdf (page 21)

Can the RF Bypass on the cablebox be used in leiu of a splitter, or does this only work when the cable box is off? (I have read both). I don't have an extra bypass box but RF bypass appears to be built into the unit itself (as noted in the manual).

If I can't use this feature as intended, are there any suggestions as to how I can split the cable without the signal degradation? I've heard the RF signal boosters are not great... what are my options?


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Presumably, the RF bypass on the cable box can be used as a splitter, yes. Also call the cable company and tell them your signal strength is weak; they should be helpful in getting it up to speed. Also, You can look into getting an RF signal amplifier from Radio Shack.
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