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Set-Up Question

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I had an HR20 installed today and what I wanted to know is this. Can you hook up an HR10-250 through a muliti-switch that is inside the house. The 3 lnb dish has a zinwell 6x8 hooked up and I have 2 lines coming into the house that are hooked into a 2x8 multi switch from this. This switch feeds the DVR in the bedroom and the 2nd R15 I have in the living room. The tech took the 2 lines that were hooked up to the HR10 and connected them to the 5 lnb dish and it is the only thing hooked up to the HR20. Or will I have to feed 2 lines from the zinwell 6x8 to the HR10 to get the HD working. Thx for the help
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The 2x8 switch will only be able to supply signals from the 101 satellite. I'm not sure exactly what you have, but any inside switch has to have all four lines from the dish connected to it. Then the outputs can supply all satellites from the 3LNB..

With the HR20 install, did they put in the 5LNB dish? Is the inside multiswitch a WB68?
The put up the 5 lnb dish for the HR20 only. They left the 3 lnb dish up, but used the cable that was connected to the HR10 and use them for the HR20. The disconnected the 2 cables from the 6x8 zinwell that is connected to the 3 lnb dish and hooked them up to the 5 lnb dish. I figured I would have to run 2 more lines from the zinwell back to the HR10 to get the other 2 sats. The installers did not want to do all that and is probl why they kept the 3 lnb dish up. It still feeds my other 3 SD DVR's. The HR20 is the only reciever that is using the 5 lnb dish. I will have to reactivate the HR10, maybe they will send out an installer when I call them.
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