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I apologize if the answer to my question has already been posted, but I've been reading since Christmas, spent a lot of money on cables, and still I can not get my system to work. Thank you in advance for help.

I'm trying to run TiVo through my digital cable box as the main through my receiver as video one (thus use all the features of TiVo with digital cable) and "record as I watch" on my receiver video two. Here's my current set-up.

cable from wall is split with one into cable box in, one into TiVo
cable out from cable box into VCR
S video out from cable box into receiver video one
video, audio LR out from cable box into TiVo video, audio LR in
video, audio out of VCR into receiver video two
video, audio LR out from DVD into receiver DVD

thanks again!!
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What exactly is not working?

Also, how is the AV Receiver output connected to your TV?
TiVo is not operating digital cable - digital cable is running alone via video two on the av receiver and not is appearing on video one

I feel (after plugging and unplugging) that the problem may lie with the VCR??

the receiver out is connected to TV in via the monitor ports

all set here - realized I had to do a guided set-up in lieu of a system reset
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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