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I've spent most of the last 2 days trying to determine why my Tivo server was hanging on boot and desktop wouldn't load.

After uninstalling and reinstalling several times, clearing registry entries and such, I found a very simple answer.

I deleted all the links in my Tivo Recordings folder. After doing this and rebooting the server and desktop came right up.

Dropped about 10 links back in and tried to connect from the DVR with no luck. Rebooted and the server hung again (waited 30 minutes).

Removed the links, rebooted, added 1 link and managed to get that single file transferred to the DVR (small video). Added 5 more small files and was able to queue up those transfers.

Adding in a couple of large movie file (800 megs) seems to be a problem. I have cache set to maximum (300 megs) and priority at med-low.

I've downloaded AVI and DivX files before and not really sure what the issue is now. Best I can remember was that I organized some movies into a single Tivo folder and copied over links to the full list (about 25 movies @ 750megs each).

DVR is connected via wireless getting 85%-100% connection rates.

Using XP SP2 with all current patches and AVG current updates.

Have Zone Alarm open for all Tivo apps (except server for internet).

Desktop 2.5 Pro is the first Tivo app I've installed. At this point it's been reinstalled several times.

Thanks in advance for any insite or advice.

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