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Series2 Tivo and Cablecard?

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In my bedroom I have been using a single tuner non-HD Tivo, while running an additional cable from my HD cable box directly to my TV so I can watch HD channels by switching inputs (which is a pain but at least I can watch HD, although I have to watch it live and without Tivo functionality).

I am about to move a non-HD Series 2 Dual Tuner into my bedroom, but before I set it up, I noticed that my TV has a cablecard input and was wondering if there is some way to get rid of my cable box by installing a cablecard, while still being able to use a non-HD Tivo (either single or dual tuner). I assume the answer is "no" since I don't think the Tivo can have the TV change channels without the cable box, but I thought I would check with experts here. It would be nice not to have to use the cable box anymore. My TV also has "TV Out" in the back so I could run cables from the TV to the Tivo and then back to the TV again, but I still don't see how I could get the Tivo to change channels for recording this way.

Cablevision of CT are coming on Friday to install the Series 3 HD Tivo in my living room on Friday, so since they are coming anyway I thought I would see if it makes any sense to install a cablecard in my bedroom TV while they are here.

I am using a Panasonic 42 inch plasma and have a Scientific Atlanta HD cable box.


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You could have the cablecard installed on your Tv and eliminate the cable box for your direct (non-Tivo) viewing of HD content in your bedroom, but it would not function with the Tivo.
You could install the Cable Card in the TV, therefore doing away with the Cable Box, but the Tivo would not work with it as it cannot change channels.

So you have Two options: 1. Cablecard in TV, therefore having HD but no recording.

Or, keep the Cable Box in the Bedroom and use the Series 2, but remember it will only record in SD not HD.

As you have got a Series 3 in the lounge, may as well keep the Series 2 DT as a spare, possibly hooking it up to the Series 3 when TTG and MRV gets properly set up, or sell the Series 2 DT and perhaps use the Money towards a second Series 3 Lite when they come out.
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