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Series Premiere, Pilot...??

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I have been a TV and TiVo addict for many years now...however the same thing happens every sumemr. All my favorite shows go away and I am left seaching and driveling through TVguides and websites trying to find the "hit" summer shows to watch.

I want to set up a Wishlist that automatically records all the new show premiere's. I have a Pilot Wishlist that I check frequently (although it lists lots of shows about actual pilots and planes) but this only records brand new shows and doesn't include reality or game shows (because those genres aren't going to have a "pilot").

I got the TiVo newsletter that said to add Season Premiere to my wishlist, but it told me to put it in quotes.

A.) How do I put quotation marks into a wishlisht?

B.) What do the quote marks do to the search?

C.) Should I put quote marks around my Pilot wishlist to eliminate plane shows?

D.) Will the Season Premiere and Pilot Wishlists solve my problems of missing new shows that I may have wanted to watch?

Thanks a bunch,

Guy (aka DarthYug)
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Answered here:

PLEASE don't create multiple threads on the same topic in different forums...it just confuses things. ;)
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