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Hi everyone,

I have a Humax DRT400 Series 2 which I use in my living room and I'm planning on buying a Tivo HD Series 3. We all know that the Series 3 don't come with a DVD player and I would like to use both of them on the same TV. My question is;
Would the remote control for the series 3 affect the series 2 unit and vice versa?


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You can program TiVos with a specific address (I think up to 9 are available) so that you can control each TiVo separately. Some of the remotes have a switch so you can control two different TiVos from the same remote.

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The remote that was included with my S3 has the switch.

The only problem I had with setting a different address for each box was that following the instructions in the manual changed the address on both Tivos at the same time.

The instructions in the manual say to just cover the IR receiver on one box, while you program the other.

I got it to work by unplugging each box while I programmed the address in the other.

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It's part of the goodness that is TiVo. When using the TiVo remote you barely have to aim it towards the box at all, downside is that when programming the TiVos you really have to block off that IR receiver WELL! What I do is I have a piece of cardboard bent to fit around the front of the TiVo units, if I ever need to mess with programming, I just slip that over the one I want blocked, voila!

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With a little foresight, you don't have to block any IR. The secret is to program the remote and the first TiVo before you get the second TiVo. Program the remote to command sets 1 and 2. Program your first TiVo to command set 1 before installing the second TiVo. The first TiVo will now only respond to command set 1, and will totall ignore anything you send with command set 2.

The second TiVo will come unaddressed which means it'll respond to any command, make sure you set the remote to 2 while navigating to the system information screen. You now have 2 TiVos programmed to 2 different addresses and no IR blocking was ever necessary. What you have to remember is an unaddressed remote will control all TiVos, an unaddressed TiVo will respond to all remotes.

But remember to **NEVER** leave either TiVo sitting on the system information screen while you go look at the other TiVo. Then you really will get into a mess. The TiVo will switch to whatever command set it sees while on the system information screen.
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