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persona1138 said:
Okay, so I'm not out of the woods yet.
I'm now using component video on my Series 3, stereo audio out (both directly to the HDTV), video output settings are at "Native"... And I'm still getting the issue. HOWEVER, menus are MUCH snappier (they load faster, the backgrounds in the TiVo menus don't "stutter" anywhere near as much, and it goes from "Now Playing" to my recorded program A LOT quicker), and the "freezing" during recorded program is less frequent and lasts for a shorter period of time.
...But it's still happening. I went for a few hours with no problems, but then it came back. During those first few hours, I was watching pre-recorded standard-def television - my freezing seemed to pop up last night during HD recordings. (However, my wife tells me that some of her standard-def recordings that she watched this morning also had our freezing problem.)
TiVo also suggested trying another HDMI cable (I was using the one that came with my TiVo, originally) - Haven't gotten around to trying that yet, but since the issue is also occurring over component, it doesn't look like the HDMI cable is the issue.
Again, the issue is MUCH less frequent, and it "unfreezes" itself infinitely faster than it used to. (Freezes and stutters would go on for up to 10 minutes in the past... now it freezes and stutters for 3-5 seconds, and then continues playing on its merry way.) But I really wish I could find out what the problem is, here.
TiVo tells me that this issue seems to be popping up with more and more frequency... Apparently I'm not the only one.
Anyway, that's the update... And the game is still afoot.
I had the same locking up problems with my Series 2 Tivos, I tried keeping the content on the hard drive when the freeze up occured... That seemed to solve the probem... After a few weeks would delete that program, and the problem repeated...
After swapping out the drive in question the problem was solved... It's just a thought
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