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mvnuenen said:
Personally, I am not yet convinced it is a hard drive issue. To me it sounds like a pixelation problem combined with a possible HDMI/DHCP issue. Try a new HDMI cable and try -in this forum- proposed solutions to minimize pixelation. If you have a cable splitter, remove it. Use good coax cables from the wall output to your tivo.
Add a signal amplifier if you suspect your signal is weak. If you have the cable run through a power surge protector, remove it. These last solutions helped me in the past. By the way, my problems were really channel dependent (meaning: only a few channels gave problems)
If it were a DHCP issue you should not see this with the component cables. Sounds like the hard drive. However, if it was the hard drive, live tv should be exhibiting the behavior as well (depending what sectors are written to for live tv vs recording programs)... It is odd indeed.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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