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I have tried rebooting, and playing games with the priority of the season passes, and "max number of episodes" (which I almost always set to "all") none of which made any difference. I also went through the "setup guide" again. That also didn't help. I guess I could go through the clear all programing data to force the TiVo to rebuild the database, assuming that is what is wrong, but before I go to that much trouble, I'm curious if anyone else has seen this problem, and if so what did you to do resolve it? And/or simply have some ideas of anything else to try.
The only thing I've seen similar is on a 2TB upgraded drive, somehow TiVo lost track of free space and even though I had shows in the Recently deleted folder, it wouldn't record new shows until I went and deleted some additional shows.

Whatever you do, I wouldn't do Repeat Guided Setup. On these old TiVo's you can easily get stuck on a Repeat Guided Setup S03 error infinite loop.

If you have anything that might be a guide or recording problem and are out of options, I would do Clear Program Information and ToDo List. Unless you have specified additional privacy options, your todo list should repopulate back from TiVo servers, but you probably want to back them up with kmttg just to be safe.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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