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atomarchio said:
Located in Cleveland, Ohio, I just purchased the Series 3 HD at Circuit City. Many thanks to the people in these forums mentioning the 10% off coupon.

Just called my cable company (Time Warner) and they coming tomorrow to install cable cards into my TV.

However, can I wait until after the technican leaves to activate my HD Tivo? I am not going to be home when they come tomorrow during the day and my wife does not want to get involved.

I am hoping they can come install the cards and I can come home tomorrow and just connect the HD BOX. Will this work?

Any advice here is appreciated. Please let me know. Thanks.
No, because the tech needs to install the CableCARDs in your Tivo box (not sure if you have a Series 3 or a TivoHD), not your TV. :)
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