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atomarchio said:
I just bought the new one for $258 today. (That's Tivo HD, right?). If I activate the new box now, I have to then de-activate an existing one. I don't want to do that now because I won't be able to watch TV until the Time Warner gets there.

Since they are giving me an "8am to 8pm" window for tomorrow, I want to wait an activate my new Tivo HD at the last possible minute.

Looking at the back of my TV. I see a slot there for cablecard. How many cablecards do I need? Do they plug into TV, Tivo, or both?

Please help explain. Thanks.
You have 7 days to activate the box with Tivo. It will work for 7 days without activating it with Tivo. The box has to be connected in order to install the cable cards.
Again, it will work for 7 days without activating the box with Tivo.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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