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dturturro said:
I've got an HR10-250 and I love the TiVo style interface. I'm not that crazy about E*'s NBR and I've heard that the new D* DVRs without TiVo are very much like the E* NBR.

I've looked through the TiVo press release and a bunch of threads on this and other forums but I can't find a definitive answer. Will the Series 3 TiVo work with the sat companies or just cable co's?
Not Satalite. Only cable and OTA. If you want reall need Satalite you need to use a Series 2 SA, an older SD DirecTiVo, or an HD DirecTiVo. There are good reasons why these are not good/long term strategies.

If you want an HD TiVo with a future then your future is with Cable.
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