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Series 2 with over-the-air HD tuner/converter box?

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I would like to use my series 2 tivo with a converter box that converts the over-the-air digital channels received over an antenna to standard definition analog. (I am referring to the same kind of converter the government plans to subsidize to allow use of old TV sets after the analog broadcasts go dark.) I would like the Tivo to change the channels on the converter (including subchannels like 9-1 and 9-2) and record shows.

1) What are some examples of compatible converters that will do this? Would the Tivo be able to change to the subchannels (like 9-1 and 9-2, etc)?

2) Can I get program guides for all the over-the-air digital channels (including sub channels)?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I have basic analog cable service now and am considering kicking them for over-the-air digital.
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I don't know of any boxes that Tivo can control (yet). It would seem Tivo will need to add support for such boxes pretty soon though.

The obvious choice (IMO) is to get a TivoHD and transfer your service from the S2 to it. It will do basic cable and OTA out of the box.
Actually, someone has been able to get an old VOOM box's ATSC tuner working with their TiVo.

Let me see if I can find the post he did about it...
gastrof said:
Actually, someone has been able to get an old VOOM box's ATSC tuner working with their TiVo.

Let me see if I can find the post he did about it...
IIRC, it was a mess how he was doing it too. Voom is not a "supported" box type.

Doesn't have to be, and from the sounds of things, it was anything but a mess.

Worked well enough.

Why do you say this?

Here's the thread I found, by the way-
Granted I only skimmed it again, but as I recall he was tricking his Tivo by using a Dish lineup. It was not Voom's.
But like I said, it doesn't have to be. And it works fine.
I am still looking for help on this. I don't want to pay for a HD tivo and new subscription fees or transfer fees for my lifetime subscription and I don't care if the digital programming gets downgraded to standard definition quality.
You need no build some electronics (microcontroller to pretend it is a cable box and receive a cable box IR code, look up cable channel to OTA channel in a table, then emulate OTA tuner remote to change channel), or set manual timers on the digital tuner and TiVo.
that thread gastrof linked is how I was able to do it in the past. It's still working :).

A couple things need to line up for it to work 'cleanly'.

The Tivo IR mouse needs to be able to control the ATSC tuner. This is harder than it sounds.

You need to find a lineup that matches the ATSC channel numbers.

You need to realize that the Tivo is not going to be able to tune digital sub-channels. the Tivo will ask for channel '10' and you need to hope your ATSC tuner will give you 10-1.

The Voom box and Dish's local channel lineup worked pretty well for me for the major networks. It's no S3 Tivo, but the picture looks pretty nice compared to analog off-air.

Now if Tivo would release their own ATSC add-on with full digital sub-channel support you'd be in business. I have a sneaking suspicion that they'd rather sell you a TivoHD ;) .
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