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series 2 with dishnetwork

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We just replaced our comcast cable with dish network and are having some tivo troubles now. Our receiver is DN's 322 and we have a series 2 tivo with the dvd player. The receiver works fine wired through the tivo, but as soon as I turn the tivo the fun begins. After finally getting picture to show on the screen with the tivo powered on(had to use rca a/v cables as the coax wouldnt work) we cant change channels through the tivo. You can go to change a channel through the tivo, but once you do you get a blank screen. If you try to record something all the gets recorded is what is currently showing on the screen(any channels you change, menus you go to, etc). Just really confused and want to be able to set the tivo up so we can start to record shows again. I looked and searched around here but didnt really see anything like what I'm experiencing. Any help would be great. Thanks.
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Did you connect the IR cable and go through guided setup again?
I went through the setup for dishnetwork in the tivo menu and that worked fine, all the shows show up when you press the guide for tivo. I didnt get the picture at the time and opted to play with it later which is when this started happening. I dont think I did anything with an IR cable.
How is the TiVo going to control the satellite receiver without an IR or serial cable?
I guess that makes sense, I was just thinking back to how it worked with regular cable and there was no other connection to the tv besides the coax. What is the best way to connect the two, how do I do it, and what do I need? Thanks.

You need to start with your user guide and then ask questions from there. You didn't mention what model Series 2 you have - I would include that with any questions you come up with after looking at the user guide. If you do not have your user guide you can view one on line here:http://customersupport.tivo.com/UserGuides.aspx

For Dishnetwork receivers you will need the IR Cables not the serial cable. This user guide for the Single tuner TiVo Series 2 has pretty good pictures of the setup: http://customersupport.tivo.com/Content/Instancy%20V2%20Folders/2988/TiVo%20Series2%20DVR%20Start%20Here%20poster.pdf

If you have lost your IR cables you can purchase replacements from TiVo: https://www3.tivo.com/store/accessories.do for $7.

Good Luck,
Thanks guys, I got it working it seems. We'll find out later when the recording takes place.
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