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I have a series 2 with lifetime subscription, and for the last couple of years I've been using it with a directv reciever with one of those infrared channel changers. It's been terrible. The channel changing is inconsistent, and Tivo can't tell what's on pay per view so I've been using several remotes to deal with the issue. I'm done.

I have a choice between DirecTV and Charter cable.

Should I:
1) switch to the new DirecTV HD Dvr
2) Get a Tivo DirecTV HD Dvr (Is there such a thing?)
3) switch to charter and get the series 3 (Can I still transfer lifetime with this option?)
4) switch to charter and get the new HD Tivo
5) Switch to charter and continue to use my Series 2
6) Switch to charter and use their service.

What are the pros and cons?

I've been reading all of these forums, and hearing MPEG4 and Motorola cards and Amazon unbox, and I have no idea what you are all talking about. I can't tell what is good and what is bad, and what is the big upgrade between units, etc. I don't know any of the technical stuff. All I know is that I want HD channels, HBO, and movies and shows on demand. And of course I want to record my favorite shows as well.

I'm not as concerned about price as I am about a good tv watching experience.

Any advice?

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The OLD DirecTivo unit is an HR10-250... but as mentioned, all NEW programming will be MPEG4 and not the MPEG2 used for the old unit... more info at...

Since you have a lifetime subscription, you could always try the new style DirecTv box, and then go back to DirecTivo if you don't like the new unit... more info on the new style box is at...

If you do decide to buy a DirecTivo, read this...
Where do I get a DirecTv Tivo? BEFORE you buy a used DTivo,
get the ID Number from the seller and call DirecTv to ensure
there is not an outstanding balance on the seller's account,
or DirecTV will NOT activate the receiver!
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