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Hey all, Im new to the Tivo scene. My mother just gave me her old series 2 box since she upgraded to a new HD box. Now Im here back at home pondering my options before I activate the box.

Right now we use a Comcast DVR which I want to keep the functionality since the dual tuner is nice and we watch alot of on demand. I guess my question is if I hook the Series 2 up with my DVR I am going to loose comcast's dual tunner functionality since the tivo takes over control correct? And if I dont want to do that I could split the incoming signal but I wont have anything past extended channels right?

It would be really nice to be able to add another recorder and Tivo service to our existing set up but I dont know the best way to do it.

Thanks to everyone that can give alittle help.

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Always hook 2 DVRs up in parallel not in series, I can't stress it more clearly.
I believe this should be the 1st commandment of Tivo hookups,
"Thou shalt not hook thine DVRs to one another"

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