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Hello all,

I would like some help on upgrading my TiVO brand 80Hr unit to a 160Gig HDD,
I have the HDD out and it’s a Maxtor which appears to be locked. How do I unlock the drive?

Question #2
I would like to backup the entire drive with all my recordings, would I use this command to do it?

mfstool backup -6 -o -a /mnt/tivo.bak /dev/hdc

Question #3
When I restore the backup image will I use this command, and will it portion the drive so I’ll have more recording time?

mfstool restore /dev/hdc -x -i /mnt/tivo.bak

Thank you in advanced

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If you want to keep recordings, it is best to do a piped copy.
it will be something like:

mfsbackup -Tao - /dev/hda | mfsrestore -s 127 -xi - /dev/hdb
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