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Series 2 Question

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Is there such a thing as a series 2 tivo for Direct TV that offers dual tuner capability. All the fine print I find says you cannot record 2 shows at once from satellite service using a series 2. What's the real deal? Thanks.

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Yes Mike there is a Series II Directv TiVo. It ended production approximately 2 Years ago and this forum is dedicated to keeping them alive and well.
Yeah, I know they exist. You can still buy them on weaknes.com. Still, all the fine print says you can't record 2 shows at once if you use satellite. Is that true?
you're looking for a directivo unit... not a SA series 2 unit. And yes you can record multiple channels at one time. I went from a SA Series 2 single tuner unit to a Huges duel tuner DirecTivo unit and love it! I just popped out my 200gb hd from my SA series 2, formated it and then re-write the data from the Huges on to it and voila... big hard drive again :)

lovin' it!
You can only record two shows at once if you are watching one of them or watching a previous recording. It has two satellite feeds and if both are active both tuners can each record a show. Each of the satellite cables should go to a different LNB or a multi-switch. Some of the Directv dishes have a multi-switch built in such as the 3-LNB or 5-LNB models. They are needed for Foreign Language and Hi Def programming. Also some local channels in different parts of the country.
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