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mattie1230 said:
I have had my Series 2 for, shoot, I think 3 years? at least 2-1/2. At the end of last year I got these small white patterns (about the size of a sml pancake) they are white spotty circles, almost twinkly.

I tried going straight from the wall to the TV with cable only and spots were gone. I also do not see these patterns (there are 3 now) on any of the tivo menus. Those are crystal clear.

How long do the boxes live? Is it time to replace Tony's HD? or is he going out to pasture soon?

I have a new-ish TV
Charter Cable Box
All high end cables
Tivo connected with S-Video.

Let me know if it is time to start saving $$ for a new box. THANKS :)
Tivos are like any other electronic devise... they can go when ever they want. did you try using an RCA cable to see if the spots are still there? there are people what have had their tivos for almost 10 years and others what have hadd tivo die on them so there is no "length" of time that a tivo will live
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