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:mad: Forgive me if this is a repeated question. I have searched the forum but all I am seeing is pixelation issues with the HD units.

Everyday since the upgrade last Saturday I have had pixelation issues.
When I turn my TV on for the first time each day, the screen is yellowish, with lines and the snow looking stuff almost as if its split into 4 separate distorted places on the screen. I have had to power cycle it to get it to clear. Yesterday I just went into the menu and came back out and that cleared it. Is anyone else seeing this on their series 2? I called, was told they would log a ticket with a specialist and to all back in a week. Go Figure. I'm really upset as I still have 2 more years on my contract and don't feel I should have to pay when this is happening. Nothing has recorded with this distortion. I turn the tv sound on during the day for my dog. But the tv stays off. It doesn't usually record anything during the day and doesn't change channels. Nothing is happening yet when I turn it on I see this yellowish distortion/pixelation. Sorry if I don't describe it well.

Any help/comments appreciated!

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