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series 1

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Hi guys and gals, I'm new at this so i have no clue if i'm writing to the right place. I found in the trash the other day a tivo series 1 (sony svr-2000) the hd is bad, jost makes a loud noice and then stop. I pluged it to my comp and is not even recognizied by bios. I've been reading a lot, still confused. I'm willing to install a hd on it, i got a few extra hds. Now, is it true that series 1 has a lifetime subscription on it? I saw somewhere that the subscription or however yu call it is not in the hd but in the ird. So what should i do? and I can't find the backup (img) nowhere in the net. Can somebody help? is it worth the trouble?
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Welcome to the forum!

Nice find. It's a plus that the power supply works. Your best bet for restoring the TiVo is to search for Instant Cake from www.dvrupgrade.com. Try this link. If that doesn't work, input your model type (sony svr-2000) and choose software. Instant Cake is a CD that will put an image of the TiVo software onto a hard disc. You can get a CD or download an ISO CD image and make your own CD. Make sure you get the image for your TiVo.

Regarding the Lifetime subscription on series 1 TiVos. Depending on when the TiVo was purchased, the Lifetime subscriptions cost $199, $249 or $299. Not all series 1 TiVos have lifetime. This is not automatic, but you might get lucky and the unit will have lifetime on it. I doubt it, as you found it in the trash, but you never know. However, most series 1 TiVos will work as a 'dumb' recorder and let you record shows without a subscription.

Good luck in restoring your new TiVo.
Did you get a working remote too? I have a used SVR2000 and it's just sitting in my closet. Don't know why it's still there. Mine might end up in the trash can too.

Heck, i've got a total of 7 working TiVo's and can't justify keeping it anymore...
sorry guys it took me so long, been bussy. I don't know if the remote works, i haven't get that far since the unit doesn't boot up. I'll try to get instan tcake I was hopeing somebody had the image. I really hope that I don't waste money on it. I also heard that the unit can be hacked, but I'm not sure about it. It sounds like a lot of trouble. But if it can be hacked, how often do i have to reload the software on it?
Thanks guys!
Rd, is there anyway you can send me a copy of the image? If it is not much trouble.
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