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Senior Tivo Support Contact?

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Here's the short version of why I feel I need to speak to someone beyond the reps in The Philippines.

Beyond an ongoing network issue, which Tivo keeps saying they will escalate and contact me back and then they close without contacting me back, here's what happened recently:

1. I had a Roamio Pro fail. They agreed to an out of warranty swap.
2. Replacement Roamio Pro failed. Against my better wishes, after waiting over a week to hear back from them to see if they could find a Roamio, I took the Bolt.
3. While I have not yet set up the new Bolt, yesterday one of my boxes, a Roamio, stopped allowing transfers to and from it and disconnected the Bolts that were connected to it. I ultimately determined that the box had been removed from my account. No discussion with Tivo about it, the box was just gone.
4. I spent a significant amount of time on the phone with Tivo and spoke with a supervisor whom I could not understand. It sounded as though there was trouble with her headset. I begged her to call me back and she said she could not. I finally spoke with a rep via Twitter, who would take an hour to respond to each question. Ultimately, after several hours, and providing the TSN of the box that was no longer on my account and the two boxes that had been returned, all was good.
5. Today, a different box stopped functioning - lost its minis, lost the ability to be seen by the other boxes. I checked Tivo online and that box was gone from my account. It was not discussed at all with anyone at Tivo yesterday, whether by phone or by Twitter messaging.
6. Ultimately, it was determined that the service on the non-functioning box was transferred today to the Roamio that I had returned to Tivo last week. My twitter messages yesterday indicated the TSN f of the device that was not functioning and, per their request, the TSN's of the two returned devices.
7. Tivo advised that the service had been returned to the non-functioning box and advised me to restart it. To my surprise, the restart upgraded me to Hydra, which I had downgraded from on this box (and on each of my more than a dozen Tivo boxes) when I first learned how to do so.
8. Despite the "upgrade" to Hydra and multiple forced connections, the box is still no longer on my account (but both returned boxes remain). As such, I can't move the recordings on this box to another box in order to downgrade the software and get rid of Hydra.

It's been one issue after another, and nobody at Tivo seems willing to spend the time to sort it out nor acknowledge that they have made multiple mistakes along the way. The old box that was taken off my account that now runs hydra is not back on my account. My minis will not connect to it. I cannot stream or transfer recordings from it to the other boxes on my network, and I get really weird responses looking at other boxes on my network - either showing there is NO programming recorded on those boxes (not the case) or showing the programming and not allowing me to stream it as when I try to do so I get the message that the box is not on my account.

Thus, I ask, what is the best way to get help from Tivo to sort these issues?

Thanks in advance and apologies for the long-winded post. I feel like I spent most of my free time this weekend dealing with Tivo issues for the simple fact that I did.
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It gets worse. The box they took off my account came back on tonight, hours after they said it was on my account. I went to the box with the most free space as I wanted to copy the records from the box running Hydra so I can go back to TE3 and forced a network connection so I could see the box that was added back in.

I tried to connect to that box and got the message that it was not on my account. This was odd as I saw it and transferred a show from that box on to another box. Using the box I wanted to transfer to, I looked at the box I had started to transfer a show to from the Hydra box as I wanted to see if it actually transferred. I got the message that this box was not on my account.

It turns out a THIRD box was taken off my account today. If I was not so invested in TiVo I would get rid of it all. I e never had an experience like this.
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