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EVizzle said:
Yeah, I can also confirm the foolish nature of a truck roll install. I specifically told the customer service rep over the phone that I needed 2 S-Cards, and only 1 showed up. Luckily another installer was nearby and had another card for us. After pointing to the floor next to my TV stand, the installer looked at the front of my Playstation 3 to find a cable card slot! I politely corrected him, put my hand on the nearby Series 3 and said "on the Series 3, the cable cards are located in the back." After plugging a card into slot 1 (directed by me), the card information appeared on the TV. The installer said "wow, I have never seen that before." We then dictated a list of numbers to a man over the phone and inserted card 2. We repeated the process once again and were complete.

I only had to wait for 5 days for an install, but I surely could have done such an install myself, as I basically paid to tell an installer what to do.

Oh yeah, and he asked my why I didn't want the Comcast DVR in a rude tone. Trusted service, quality product, tivocommunity and excellent integration made it a no brainer, not to mention a MSD cheaper per month fee and all he had to say was "what about On Demand?" I almost laughed. Tivo is MY On Demand!!!

That being said, not everyone at Comcast is bad/worthless/rude/money hungry. I just haven't met one who isn't!
How about the fact that the cable companys DVR puts out an image that looks like crap when compared to the Tivo. I've been having trouble getting my cable cards to work and have had 2 trouble calls since the original install. I figured I'd try out one of the Moto boxes to see what it looked like. No way I'm going to pay for that. Seriously if Cable Cards are such a nuisance why don't they come up with a decent alternative to the Tivo.
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