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Security software, Vista and Tivo Desktop

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So, as my subscription to Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite comes to an end and TivoToGo and MRV are expected to be activated on the Series 3 in November, I'm looking to switch security products to one that will work with Tivo Desktop.

Is anyone out there running Tivo Desktop 2.5 on Vista with Norton Internet Security 2008?

I'm also considering just going the "free" route with Comodo's firewall (currently in beta for Vista) and Avira AntiVir Personal Edition. Anyone using this combo or either of these successfully with Vista and Tivo Desktop 2.5?


(if you're using another package successfully, please chime in. Hopefully we can make this thread a bit of a reference, at least for now)
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I'd be very interested in responses to this topic too. I recently got a new computer running Vista and I was forced to uninstall Zone Alarm in order to get TiVo Desktop to run. I'm currently relying on Windows firewall but I'm not happy about it and would love to find another one that's compatible with Desktop.
I am running Internet Security 2008 and havent had no problems at all with tivo desktop or galleon.
Thanks, rigger29. I've just uninstalled Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite and installed the trial of Norton Internet Security 2008. Not only is my machine noticeably snappier, but Tivo Desktop installed and works flawlessly. So, it looks like Norton Internet Security 2008 works well with Tivo Desktop. Anybody else have a security package working (or not working) with Tivo Desktop?
I'm using Norton 360 on vista with tivo desktop 2.5 and all is going just fine
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