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Anything and everything is susceptible to hacking thats connected to the internet, as I'm sure that goes without saying.

That being said, considering this being the first I've seen anyone make this case and the lack of attention this post as gotten, it does appear to have been an isolated incident and not so much of a conspiracy, as most believe Xiaomi to be.

A wise dev I know often makes the case to always disable adb after any and every use. If it's left on, you are vulnerable. Hackers can use the same access to that device and your network as you did to modify it. On the TS4K, its currently labeled USB Debugging in developers options.

Finally, have you considered your browsing habits to have been any contribution to such an attack?

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I turned my usb debugging to 'on' when I was tweaking my device, should I turn it back off? and will it mess with my wolf launcher app?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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