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Hi All, we've been working with Google on this issue and have confirmed where the bug is. We're working with Google to fix that ASAP. To confirm, this is a UI issue only and TiVo have not been provided additional access to your Google accounts.
It may only be a visual consideration as far as TiVo is concerned. HOWEVER, taking the recommended action on the security alert destroys one's Nest and Google Homes. Please, please, please convey that to whomever your Google contacts are as I believe all of us are getting shuttled to Nest Engineering, who tells us we chose to delete our homes (incorrect) and the issue is larger than Nest - revoking an Android TV device should not delink my Nest Protects and Lenovo Clock, etc.

I continue to push Nest engineering to try and get me my Nest Protect IDs (for three of my five) to relink as I have some tricky hardwiring that will require I hire an electrician to remove for codes.

To everyone else, I just tried to replicate the issue to shoot a video for Nest and community. However, it's no longer showing as flagged - either issue has been corrected or it doesn't get flagged for a period of time.
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