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secret circle Pilot - spoilers welcome

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Maybe the demographic is too young and female for this crowd so I started a thread. I enjoyed it. I loved the use of CGI for the elegant magic rather than the power hungry magic.
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I went into this not knowing very much about it other than:

1. It's on the CW
2. Something to do with teen witches, maybe

I was pleasantly surprised. It kept my interest. I thought it did a pretty good job of laying out a story arc, establishing that there's a history to be explored, and introducing interesting characters. I think it has promise. I'm neither young nor female, but my season pass is set.
I've got 6 tuners this season so I'm fortunate to be able to set up season passes for almost everything on the 5 major networks. Which means I'm going to give everything a shot if I can.

I was sure this show was going to suck for me because I definitely don't fit the demographic, but I was pleasantly surprised. I'm looking forward to watching it next week. Oh and having Lux from Life Unexpected, and John Conner from Terminator:SCC was a surprise as well. I think they're both talented young actors.
I'm watching mostly only because I like Gale Harold. :eek:

Was surprised to see the tomboy girl from Swingtown in the lead role... she looks a lot more grownup now!

Overall, I didn't hate it. I'm not in their demographic (I don't think, anyway), but I like Vampire Diaries a lot, so I figured I'd give it a shot. I know a lot of women my age though that love that show, so maybe 30-something women is their demographic. ;) Heck even my mom loves it!
I was wondering why there was not a thread for this (or Free Agents).

My dad told me to watch the repeat airing of this so I did and I enjoyed it. It has an interesting plot and I like some of the adult actors on the show (Natasha Henstridge, Gale Harold and whoever the woman is that plays the grandmother).

My biggest problem is the timeslot. Opposite The Office and Person of Interest, both of which I was planning to record. I think I will continue to record this and Person of Interest and will get the Office through streaming.
I also am a bit outside the target demographic.

I tried Vampire Diaries, liked it.
Nikita, liked it.

Never even tried most of the CW's standard fare, 90210, Gossip Girl, Hellcats, etc.
Throw in some supernatural or spy capers and I'll give them a try and usually end up liking them.

Figured I'd give this a shot, not too bad as far as pilots go.

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I watched this show I'm pretty sure I'm not in the demo. I didn't love the show like I do Vampire Diaries. I plan to keep watching it for now.
The only part of the demo I fit is female. Long past teen angst. But they did not use the adult characters as throw aways and the teenaged characters are good, though the bad girl could get old fast unless they put some depth intot the character.
Why aren't all these kids cousins or something? if there's 6 families and they are all inter-married, there should be some familial relationships. The only thing that isn't making sense is that all 6 are "full blooded witches" meaning both parents were witches. That makes 12 witches or 2 full circles. Was that 12 families or 2 from each of the 6 or some other mis-match? 7 of the parents died in the original fire 16 years ago. They've got some 'splaining to do.
I love all you people saying "I'm not in its demographic" and "I like Vampire Diaries."

The show whose success this one was designed to capitalize on.

I love all you people saying "I'm not in its demographic" and "I like Vampire Diaries."

The show whose success this one was designed to capitalize on.

Well to be fair, I don't think I'm in The Vampire Diaries demographic, either. :)
I haven't watched any episodes of this show yet. I think I am about the most opposite of the demographic yet. The tween girls they are shopping for? Yeah, I'm the dirty old Navy vet watching them. ;) I love Vampire Diaries, so I will give this show a chance. Eventually. My TiVos have too much storage.
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