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1 - the ability to say - if "stargate sg1" is on friday, it's a priority 1 in the season pass, else it's an 8 (so I can protect the new stuff, while the repeats from 5 years ago only get tivo'd if no higher conflicts) - thinking something like - pick day(s) and the season pass prio for those days

friday - 2
other days - 10
(if only allowed to pick 1 day) or:

or m - 10 t-10 w - 10 th - 10 f - 2 s - 10 s - 10
- would also cut down on some of the "all day marathons" if you dont want them all or if they'd override something you'd want to see

2 - the ability to either delete tivo files from the tivo desktop, or tell the desktop tivo can delete the originals after transfer - very usefull when on the road and want to save some stuff to my pc for later

3 - the ability to save and maybe edit season passes to the tivo desktop - I envision when on vacation I'd like to change my season passes on my tivo, but reverto to something else when I get home - backing up to the pc would allow a restore of the season pass later on...
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