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Season Pass question

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This is kind of a continuation of my previous post, but at the same time kind of a new question. Hopefully not a problem if I make a new post.

I have a question about the season pass capability of TIVO.

I like to watch Stargate SG-1. There are 3 options for recording for season pass that I can use.

First runs
First runs and reruns
All (includes duplicates (or something like that))

What I want to record is:

Stargate SG-1 at 7-8 pm on friday night on the sci-fi channel, everytime it shows up in that time slot, Regardless of whether it is a rerun or not. Although if that show (that is supposed to shown in the 7-8 timeslot) has to be started a few minutes late or is just straight moved to the 8-9 pm timeslot, then I want the TIVO to make the needed adjustment and just record the show without my intervention.

Can I just choose First runs and have the tivo box do what I want?
Or is the "first runs" label only going to catch new episodes in that time slot, but not reruns in that time slot?
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First Run will catch only new episodes, not reruns (new as within the past week).

There isn't a way to set a Season Pass for a specific show and day with the timeslot changing due to guide data. This is one of the ReplayTV features it would be nice if TiVo had. The best you can do is a manual (day, time and channel) recording and hope for the best.
I would want to know why you want to record that particular timeslot and no others, and what you're really trying to accomplish. Why do you want that specific timeslot and no others? SPs do not record timeslots; they record by channel, title, and episode name/number.

"First Run Only" will capture first run episodes of SG-1, regardless of what time slot they fall in (and Skiffy is well-known for changing around timeslots and for having double episodes). "First Runs and Reruns" will capture, well, all first runs and reruns of SG-1 on that channel. It sounds like that's closest to what you want.

I would be hesitant about setting a manual recording, because Skiffy does air lots of double-episodes, and you'll be very disappointed about missing half the show if you go manual.
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