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I looked to do a search, but couldn't come up with the right phrase, I guess ( of course it could be just me).
Anyway, I want to TiVo a program on Fox news, add it as a season pass. It is shown 3 times in a 24 hour period. I tried just first run, but the To Do list sill shows all 3 times wanting to record.
How can I get it to just record 1 of them?

R-10 if that makes a difference

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As Steve said, for repeating news programs, you'll probably have to set up a manual recording since there is no fresh program guide data.

In the pick programs to record menu there is a choice "Record by Time or Channel". I also set recording options to only keep one, so if I don't get to see it on a given day, it deletes itself when the next day's progam starts to record.

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