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Andikins said:
I don't think that this explains what I had but want to check something anyway. Am I right in thinking that if I:

-set a program (say a film) to record which clashes with a season pass
-choose to cancel the season pass
-then later cancel the film

then the season pass is not reinstated?
I think some clearer terminology would help here - "cancel" has more than one meaning :)

In the above example, if on the Conflict screen you choose "record the film" (and I know it uses the word "cancel" on that screen :( ), you are just saying that in the event of the clash you want to have the film more than you want the Episode from the season pass.

If that Episode has Duplicates (ie repeats), a little while later you'll find the first Duplicate that didn't clash with your other To Do items has magically appeared in your To Do list! :). Also, if the film or Episode are rescheduled, again you'll get your Episode pop back.

So again, in that example when you Cancel the film, the Episode will pop back.

But if you go into the To Do list first, or a "View upcoming" list, and "Cancel only this episode" or press Clear, you are saying to TiVo "I don't want to see this Episode". That's what I call Cancelling really. It will then make no attempts to schedule it again for 28 days, regardless of clashes! You can always record it manually if you change your mind ("Record this episode also").
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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