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Season pass "none scheduled" unless recording All (including duplicates)

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Hi there, I'm brand new to the world of Tivo, and so far mostly love it. I've noticed though a glitch that others seem to have experienced, though I haven't been able to resolve mine with the suggestions I've found so far.

I have a S2 DT standalone Tivo, with wireless adapter, and running software ver 8.3-01-2-639.

I ran the guided setup when I brought the box home one week ago, and since then have been adding season passes for the new fall premieres. Right now I have a total of 29 SP's. All were set up as Med quality, first run only, and to delete when space was needed. Somewhere along the way I noticed that in the To Do list, there were 9 shows listed as "None Scheduled" even though there were new shows that could have been recorded.

I attempted to fix this by clearing all the SP's that had this "none scheduled" label, and re-adding them, but nothing changed. I then started fiddling with the settings within the SP, and found that the only way to get the SP to record the new episodes, was to change from first run, to record "all (including duplicates)."

Obviously I'm happy now that I will actually be able to get the recordings, but it's a little annoying to have 15 copies of the same show listed in the Now Playing list. :down:

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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When you have a problem like this, it's much easier for us to debug it if you give us a couple of examples of specific shows you were trying to record.

For example: you may have set up a First Run Only Season Pass for a show whose original air dates (OAD) are far enough in the past that none of the episodes will meet the criteria for getting picked up as First Run.

You may have been looking at your SPs right after your TiVo had picked up Guide Data, and it hadn't finished indexing yet. When that happens, you can see the shows while searching by title or date, but they won't be marked as being ready to record yet.

What are some of your 9 problem shows? What reason did the Recording History give for why the shows weren't in the To Do List?

I get what you're saying, but am not sure if that's the problem. I had input Season Passes generally right before the new seasons were due to begin. Some examples are:
Top Chef
Deadliest Catch
Kyle XY
Saturday Night Live

Keep in mind that for three of the above, the new seasons have just started in Canada.

Thanks in advance for helping!
ladyhawk said:
Keep in mind that for three of the above, the new seasons have just started in Canada.

Thanks in advance for helping!
Wait, so you are saying that where you live in Canada, these programs start airing several months later than in the US? Do you mean that Season 3 of Top Chef is just starting to air, even though it is the exact same show that aired several months ago in the US? If so I am guessing that's your answer right there. Your TiVo determines whether a program is "first run" by using the original air date. If the OAD is more than a week old (something like that) it will not count the program as "first run" -- even if your TV provider has never aired it before. So according to your TiVo's parameters, there are no "first run" episodes airing, which is why it's not pulling them in on a FRO SP.

You should be able to verify or disprove this theory by looking at the OADs of the programs you're having trouble with. You can view the OAD by pressing enter (I think that's the right button) from the program infromation screen. You'll get a whole extra page of info and one of the items is the OAD.

Also, does it work if you choose "first run and reruns"? Or does it have to be "All (with dublicates"?
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I know, it's annoying to be so far behind in some shows. I will check what you've suggested, but it would not explain why House isn't scheduling either. That's probably the only one of the SP's not working that's airing current episodes same as the US.
Hmm, I think you are on to something (other than for House). All of the SP's that are screwing up were for series that are airing much after they did in the US. I have changed a few of them to record reruns & first run, and they didn't immediately drop into the None scheduled listing. I'll monitor how it goes! Thanks for your help.
Sure, glad to help clear up the mystery! :)
The new Season of House has not started yet. Is it possible you are still getting "new" airings (in CA) of last season's episodes?
Nope, but I had scheduled the SP in anticipation of the season premiere next week.
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